Facebook post 5 “Goldfish Lady’s babies” March 9

“Everybody calls me “The Goldfish Lady,” she laughs. She’s in her 50s, has bright white hair, shining brown eyes and is partial to pink shoe laces and sweatshirts in northern California’s March weather. She takes a puff when she makes an important point.
“I don’t do this for money, there isn’t any money in spring,” she says of her game where a Ping-Pong toss can win a goldfish.
“I do it for my babies. I wasn’t able to have children. I do it to see them laughing. When I make them cry, because they are so happy. I’m helping them make memories … I do it for my babies. For my babies.”
Long puff.

View from my Super Slide ride, West Oakland, Ca., March, 2013

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