#1 Bestseller American OZ gets AMAZING REVIEWS!

American OZ reached the Amazon #1 Bestseller category from media exposure and AMAZING reviews!

The Chicago Tribune calls it “MAJESTIC!” WGN-TV calls it “FASCINATING!” The Daily Herald wrote, “GLORIOUS … LIFE-ALTERING.” Chicago Public Radio WBEZ raved about it!

Author/Adventurer Gerry Souter recently wrote this about American OZ!

I set a low bar as I turned the first page.

 I’m on page 133 now and other journalists’ names come to mind: Hunter S. Thompson, Ernie Pyle and good old whacked out Jack Kerouac. Comerford fits somewhere in that school. There’s also a touch of Studs Terkel. The art of tying individual interviews together to create an illuminating narrative that reads like a novel is Comerford’s forte. Who are these carnies we’ve strolled past at State fairs and other parking lot events? I’ve had trepidations when I’ve approached a particularly risky ride and wondered when the operator last washed that T-shirt, or I could count his front teeth—or her front teeth. When buckled in, is that booze on his breath?

 Comerford shunned the drug-booze scene as he wrote his impressions at a table in a diner. He learned to fit in, learned the lingo and became another shadow person—or the opposite, a barker, daring locals to test their courage on the gravity-defying whirligig. He rubbed shoulders with carnies putting up and tearing down rides and tents, men with a tenth of his education and suburban privilege. Chameleonlike he fit in, and yet remained the journalist, with every sense tuned to his environment and fellow workers standing in line for his daily cash wages. 

 I’m looking forward to the conclusion, which should be a topper to the narrative. This … kid has turned a Hunter S. Thompson ego into an Ernie Pyle and Studs Terkel skill set to deliver the humanity of his interviewees seasoned with the reality of their environment and recognizing his own growth as he  shares their stories.

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