Hitchhiking to Carnivals — Alaska to Florida — California to New York

“The one thing I miss is hitchhiking. Now there’s no more of that. When’s the last time you saw a hitchhiker.”
Edward Ruscha, American pop artist

“Hitchhiking to Carnivals” a music video on my Kick-Ass Year hitchhiking between 10 traveling carnivals Alaska to Florida, California to New York.

STEP RIGHT UP and read all about it at www.EyesLikeCarnivals.com and on Huffington Post.

Pump up the volume on this Music Video. Read the stories later!

As America’s #1 Hitchhiker 2013-14, I hitched 36 states and 5 Canadian provinces.for 15,000 miles (buses and friends took me another 5,000 miles & Mexico).

I was slinging iron and pushing plush in San Francisco, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Alaska, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia and Florida – where I worked a freak show but I wasn’t on stage because they didn’t see the inner freak in me.

Friends tell literary agents and publishers. Publishers contact me about as-yet-unpublished Eyes Like Carnivals.


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