SPECTACULAR VIDEO! New Face of American Carnivals week

Mexico Me 2

I shall be the envy of all my actor friends as I star in this video filmed on my 3,000 mile trip across Mexico, as I tracked down my fellow carnival workers in their native habitat.

A Brown University Graduate student in anthropology wrote me this week saying he is working on Mexican migration to US carnivals and wants to see what I found in Mexico and in 10 US carnivals.

So this is “New Face of American Carnivals” week on Publishers Marketplace, starting with my debut as a FILM STAR IN A SPECTACULAR VIDEO!

YouTube Link to Video

Monday is lead with “Spy in the Mexican Reefers” with probably my BEST VIDEO OF MY YEAR IN TRAVELING CARNIVALS
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From 2013-2014, Michael Sean Comerford worked in carnivals in California, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Alaska, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia and Florida, where he worked in a freak show but didn’t get on stage because they didn’t see the inner freak in him. He rode a bus into the mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental to a Mexican village that empties of men each year, going north to US carnivals. Living on carnival wages, he hitchhiked 15,000 miles across 36 states. His blogs appear in Huffington Post and at www.EyesLikeCarnivals.com. Agent Tim Hayes is seeking a publisher for the book.

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