Hitchhiking to Carnivals: Video of Wind and Speed

Hitchhiking to Carnivals this Freaky Friday Video Day is about the posts I went with this week. I hitchhiked more than 15,000 miles across 36 states and Canada to get to carnivals so I could work and write. I felt like the mutt in the backpack and the old man with the hippies. I was harassed and helped by cops and I was warned about sleeping beside the road, bears might feast on my hitchhiker bones.

I included tiny videos of riding in the back of a pickup truck to Okefenokee and the Hudson River, in the hope someone might feel that get the feel of the pickup flatbed and the freedom created by the wind and the speed

Kid Gypsy does Screwdriver Gaff

Hitchhikers are Bear Food
“Happiness in a Yellow School Bus: Postmark Pink Mountain”

Alaska Bound

Hitchhiking in back of pick-up truck to the Hudson River

Hitchhiking in back of pick-up truck to Okefenokee Fair

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