My Last Carny Job at a Freak Show

Chris Christ and crewShort E. DangersouslyBackstage trailerTattoo Lady

First photo is of co-owner of the World of Wonders Chris Christ along with the carnival barker and clown.

Second photo is of Short E. Dangerously, the half man, who also throws knives, eats fire and tells jokes.

Third photo is the crew backstage in the trailer, which is also their sleeping quarters.

The Tattoo Lady also swallows fire and helps with other acts.

This was my last carnival job in my year in carnivals. Thank you to Sideshow King Ward Hall for hiring me as a ticket taker and gopher for the day.
If they only knew what a freak I am on the inside, I’d have been a star.

A full story will come sometime soon, maybe next week.

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