America’s #1 Hitchhiker links to Kindred Souls

Hitching Tenn
After my packs were stolen in Texas, I traveled with my laptop backpack and a suitcase on rollers (which quickly wore out). This is Tennessee in April.

“Driver, driver, may I have a ride,
Yes sir, yes sir, step inside.”

Hitchhikers rhyme

At the outset of 2013, I set out to write about American traveling carnivals but all the hitchhiking, about 15,000 miles through the US and Canada, meant I also wrote about hitchhiking.

When a famous hitchhiking Web site, Velabas, linked yesterday to Eyes Like Carnivals, I decided to list the hitchhiker Web sites out there.

BTW, Velabas is so much more than just a hitchhiking site. The artist behind it wants it to be an extension of his life’s esthetic. Read him.

One more thing, reading these Web sites showed me what I already thought might be true.

I hitched the more miles and states in North America in 2014 than anyone, making me America’s #1 Hitchhiker.

Until proven wrong, that’s my ride.

“Hitchin’, hitchin’ ain’t so dumb
Bitchin’, bitchin’, frickin’ fun
Next time, next time, watch my thumb
Thank you, thank you says this one.”

Rhyme by America’s #1 Hitchhiker

HERE are more hitchhiking sites:

Velabas – Worldwide hitchhikers feed links to Eyes Like Carnivals”


Hitch-Hiking References

Nomadic Forever

Hitch the World, indefinite vagabond travel (aka The Modern Nomad)


A Girl and Her Thumb – there is no destination

Gone with the Backpack – A girl, a backpack and a world to discover! (aka. Gone with the Backpack)

Agua – Potable

Kabuki – Mono Traveler on a Bike

Melomakaroma – Life is a journey and it’s damn sweet

Open Destination: Hitchhike the World

Hitchhiking Around the World

Hitcher Feeds

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