Cuban Refugee tells Dramatic Story to Hitchhiker

Osvaldo Guzman picked up this hitchhiker near Alligator Alley in Florida after I had spent a few days sleep deprived, sick with the flu and all day without food or water.

In a thick Cuban accent, he said he knows the look and then this.

“So this is the way Cuban guys are ah coming ah here …”

He tells of loosing seven people on a raft from Cuba and after this clip tells me he saw the same look on my face beside the road (he was 10 days on the water on last of three trips).

Now he’s legal. He owns a heating and air-conditioning business and an Amway distributorship. He gave me Amway vitamins and an energy drink and left me at an Alligator Alley rest stop on the side of the road.

He had gone out of his way because he then turned around and headed back east. But not without honking his horn and a thumbs up.

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