Study Assistance Agreement

Authorization or non-authorization of scholarships at an institution other than requests for assistance at the USQ University is requested on a semi-annual basis and must be made either on the “Study Assistance Request – New Program” form or on the “Right to Help Study/Study Assistance” form before the start of each semester, with the exception of one-year courses for which applications are submitted at the beginning of the year. Applications must be accompanied by proof of course registration. Before the studies begin, requests are forwarded to the data protection delegate for recommendation to the Category 4 or higher delegate. Staff studying at an institution other than the University of South Queensland must submit their application to the Executive Director (Human Resources) for approval. This procedure describes the process and rights of university staff who wish to implement an approved curriculum. The costs of financial assistance are covered by the university`s Central Fund for Studies, managed by Human Resources. The current amount of assistance depends on the annual budget of the Central Student Fund for Human Resources and the level of receivables, and will be reviewed annually to determine current financial sustainability. Supported applications must be submitted to the Executive Director for approval three weeks before the start of the semester. Admission to study assistance is generally not backdated. Financial assistance may be used to pay for expenses related to obtaining approved curricula, including course fees, textbooks and other study materials and/or other related expenses and expenses.

Financial assistance is not necessarily to be provided or intended to cover all costs incurred. If education assistance is not approved, the grounds for refusal must be submitted to the applicant by the delegate and/or delegate of Category 4 or more and by the application that is forwarded to the human resources department only for archival purposes. The timeframe for review must be within the worker`s normal working time and does not contribute to the worker`s overtime (. B overtime, working time instead). In the event that a staff member who has approved university assistance is transferred or seconded to another area of the university, staff retain the authorization until the end of the approved semester (including one-year units). Other applications for study require approval of a new application by the new Labor Department. Financial assistance is available to employees classified in USQ Levels 1 to 10. The study period is available to all qualified professionals and academics, regardless of the level of qualification. The maximum education support, available for both time allocation and financial assistance, is four courses per year per authorized staff. Approval of Grants Expenditures from central funds The study should relate directly to the current primary tasks of staff and/or the foreseeable career path within the university.

For a bachelor`s degree, at least 50% of the program must meet this requirement, and at least 75% for postgraduate studies.