Open Door Agreement

In some service areas, you may be able to be represented by an agent at Opendoor Brokerage (an opendoor brokerage agent) when you buy or sell. However, please note that an Opendoor brokerage agent cannot represent you if you purchase an Opendoor Home or in another transaction where one of the Opendoor brokerages is the brokerage representing another party. In this case, you can continue to work with an Opendoor partner agent or another agent of your choice. First, Hay sought the agreement of the British and Japanese authorities, both of whom considered the American proposal to be in their interest, although they both subordinated their acceptance of the terms to the agreement of all the powers involved. France followed the example of the British and Japanese. This British, Japanese and French endorsement of Hay`s proposal prompted Germany and Russia to respect the terms of the note, although Russia did so with so many reservations that it virtually denied the central principles of the note. Yet Hay said all forces had accepted the ideas with “definitive and definitive” answers. You then complete a brief application certifying that (1) you have acquired and resided the house as the main residence, (2) no tenant has been allowed to reside in the house, (3) You have not returned any other home to Opendoor in the last 36 months, and (4) you will completely evacuate and remove items from the house within 40 days of the date of notification. An estimate of Opendoor is not an estimate.

It is an invitation for you to ask for an offer to buy your home (an “Opendoor offer”). The open door policy remained in place until Japan`s defeat in World War II in 1945 and the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949. As a result of these events, China began to be recognized as a sovereign state with control over its own trade agreements. Our inability to enforce any of our rights or to act in the event of a violation of the agreement by you or others does not constitute a waiver of rights and does not limit our rights with respect to this violation or subsequent violations. Opendoor`s waiver of one of the provisions of this Agreement is effective or effective, unless they are signed in writing and by a duly accredited Opendoor representative. They agree to defend, compensate, compensate and compensate Opendoor, its senior executives, its directors, employees, associated companies, representatives and licensees for all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable legal fees resulting from or in some way a violation or alleged violation of the terms of this agreement or applicable law; (ii) your access, use or misuse of our services or content; and/or (iii) any infringement by you of the copyrights or intellectual property rights of third parties. You cannot settle such a claim or any of these cases without Opendoor`s prior written consent. We reserve the right to assume, at your expense, the exclusive defence and control of all claims you compensate, and you also agree that you will cooperate fully to defend such claims.

You agree that neither Opendoor, its affiliates, nor their respective employees or agents involved in the creation, production and distribution of our services or content, will object to a natural entity or for losses, damages (actual, consecutive, injury, Claim, liability or other causes of any kind or other nature that result from the use or attempt of use of our Services or Content including, but not limited to claims resulting from loss of performance, failure, omission, interruption, cancellation, defect, operating delay, flight, flight, unauthorized access or modification of personal records or data trust or use of data , information, opinions or other documents from our services.