Mpt Agreement

These skills are tested by requiring examiners to perform one or more different legal duties. For example, examiners may be advised to complete one of the following: a brief to a supervisory lawyer, a letter to a client, a conclusive brief or squire, a statement of facts, a provision of the contract, a will, a consultation plan, a proposed settlement or agreement, an investigation plan, a witness review plan or a final plea. 3.1. By the use of a service, the customer is considered to be read, understood and accepted. These terms and conditions can be updated from time to time by MPT and MPT can notify the customer in the event of an update. Unless otherwise stated, the continued use of a Service by the Customer after the update of these Terms and Conditions is considered to be the Customer`s consent and the Customer`s consent to the terms and conditions updated in its entirety. 16.2. Unless otherwise agreed and subject to the law, all claims, claims, means, disputes, controversies and other issues raised by or in relation to the customer contract, including questions raised about its violation, existence, effect, validity or termination, that the parties do not have within thirty (30) days from the date on which a contracting party raised a question relating to a question , which requires an amicable solution, will, in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 2016 (the MAL), be responsible for an arbitration procedure in Myanmar and definitively resolve the reference whose reference contains the same as that which has been amended from time to time or modified or replaced or replaced or replaced after the execution date of the client contract. With regard to arbitration proceedings in Myanmar in agreement with the MAL, there are three (3) arbitrators.

Each party appoints one (1) arbitrator within thirty (30) days of the filing of the arbitration, and the arbitrators thus appointed appoint an arbitrator within thirty (30) days following the appointment of the last (2) arbitrator. If a party does not appoint its party-appointed arbitrator or if the arbitrators appointed by the party fail to reach an agreement on an arbitrator within the current time frame, any party may ask the court to appoint that arbitrator or an arbitrator. In such an arbitration, the decision of the majority of arbitrators is a priority, provided that, if the arbitrators are equally divided in their opinions, the award of arbitration takes precedence. The language to be used in the arbitration proceedings is that of Myanmar, and the resulting arbitral award is final and binding for the parties, and the judgment on that award can be registered with any competent court in this matter.